The Moon

Since it's a new year, thought I might post the very first poem I wrote when I was still a sophomore in high school. And brave as I might seem to be, I am compelled to add that I do this with downcast eyes and a blush on my cheeks because I am posting it the way I wrote it back then. Though I am very much tempted to edit all the wrong tenses, still I am prevented by my 'better nature' to not do anything and just leave things the way they are. After all, it is nice to laugh at yourself once in a while.

It was a beautiful sight
The Moon was shining bright
And all the place was quite
As peaceful as the night

I saw a beautiful thing
That lingers from within
That made me remember my past
And how the time came by so fast

But my heart was filled with sorrow
When I knew you will be gone tomorrow
There is so much more I have to tell
Before my tears should really fell

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