Grace List

I often look at my "to do list" and muse about how many of them I haven't crushed out yet and when I will be able to do them all. But come to think of it, there are so many things I have done but haven't acknowledged. So I have written this list of graces that I have been blessed with. This is my list of "Things I did which I never imagined I could do".

  1. Become the director of a stage play  (for our Theater 102 class with a flat 1 grade.)
  2. Win 1st place in a city-wide essay writing contest - Zamboanga. 3rd year college.  (prize was 5k)
  3. Participate in a Guinness world-breaking event - longest talaba grill (1.5km) at Ipil during the Araw ng Sibugay (June 2007)
  4. See Mark Logan in person -  Araw ng Sibugay. Ipil. June 2007.
  5. Read quite a lot of classic books.
  6. Have so many friends that not a day passes by in the office that I don't see a friend or an acquaintance.
  7. To work at SSS.
  8. To see Pawikans mating
  9. To see not one but two trees full of fireflies.
  10. To be chosen by AVP Filoteo to be one of the MCs during the 50th Golden Aniversary of SSS when I was just 5 months in on the job.(That was scary!)
  11. To go over-the-bakod at my boarding house at Ipil when I lost my key for the gate. (Haha! that was really funny! at 2am too! I made sure that I climb it very fast and that  nobody was passing by. Or else I would have been mistaken for a thief.) 
  12. To survive Sir Jaime. (hehe!)
  13. To organize events - (thank you SFC Creative Team!)
  14. To deliver quite a lot of talks - (maximum audience was 600plus during the PYA St. Paul Culmination)
  15. To be able to buy things at leisure. (But I am very thrifty. I deliberate first whether to buy or not to buy)
  16. To have true friends for life!
  17. Become the Team Leader of a CLP
  18. To enjoy the drizzle at a beach at Dapitan very early in the morning.
  19. To experience worship (your whole being is trying to reach out to God)
  20. To be so confused, not knowing anything, yet still trusting.
  21. To survive 72 hours without sleep (call center days)
  22. To be so angry that I just cried (CLP days)
  23. Be the impromptu MC of a wedding at D'laville with just an hour of preparation and not knowing anybody in the audience (I came out laughing)
  24. To see two rainbows at the same time (during my early morning boat ride to Dumaguete)
  25. To travel to Dumaguete by myself.
  26. To perform the Dumendingan, a Subanen dance (Tinikling in the Visayas)
  27. To go to Ocean Park (twice already)
  28. To see Mt. Mayon (ICON 2011 at Pili, Naga, Cam. Sur)
  29. To have an ex boyfriend (haha!)
  30. To survive a vehicular accident (with only very minor bruises when I was driving very fast. I wasn't even hospitalized. God cushioned my fall =))
  31. Hear Hadji Alejandro and Wency Cornejo sing live. It was like a serenade! (2011 Araw ng ZDS at Dao)
  32. Having 3 of my prayers answered this month of November in the year 2011. These prayers were: a. that my brother  would finally have a job in the government. (He now works at PCA). b. That our family problem be fixed. (my mother will be staying in ZC until end Christmas break in order to just be with my father). c. That Alden would become more courageous in his pursuit.(We are always communicating and he reports to me his whereabouts). 
  33. Be the chairman of the 2011 SSS Pensioners Day. (Overwhelming because they voted for me unanimously and the members of the committee are all on a higher level than me. Except Remy and Jen of course)
  34. To have another ex boyfriend. (yes, I still consider it a blessing even though I don't find it funny anymore. hehe!)
  35. To go to Bohol and see the Chocolate Hills and the tarsiers.
  36.  Zipline at Bohol
  37. Hear mass with Cardinal Antonio Luis Tagle presiding. (ICON 2013 at Pasay City. The best mass I have ever had. It was so solemn. You can literally hear a pin drop. All 7000 plus SFCs were paying attention to him. And his homily was so good)
  38. Be an audience at Showtime at ABSCBN. (It was literally perspiring. We were made to practice dance steps and yells an hour before the show started that when the show did start, we were dancing like mad. LOL)
  39. Pass the Supervisory Exam. (yes!)
  40. Stay for 2 weeks at Cebu for free - (SSS seminar of course. at Diamond Suites near Ayala)

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