A Different Tune

For two weeks now, I have been in constant communication with a friend. He is a policeman on training at Zamboanga. I first met him the summer of last year when I went there to take a Specialized Exam. My father sent him ahead to my sisters' boarding house to prepare the place for my stay. That time, he was still a striker of my dad - meaning that he was on the process of applying and while waiting for all those results, he stays with my father and becomes like his secretary/errand boy. He waited for me and when I arrived at the place, he just handed me the keys and left. (In the end though I went with my office mates and stayed at the hotel.)

I met him again last November when I went to Zamboanga to attend my youngest sister's 18th birthday and at the same time, spend my remaining 2 days Forced Leave.  This time, I was with my whole family and we stayed at Mercedes the entire period. We became acquaintances then but weren't that much on speaking terms yet. He meanwhile was already on his last remaining days as a striker, having passed all the exams and just waiting for December 1st to officially start his career as a policeman.

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