Bucket List

Initially made this list in 2004 when I was still a junior in college. Written in a notebook that had been completely forgotten until very recently, I was surprised that some of the things I wrote, I can already cross out. In no particular order, I post them all here for constant reminder and a hope that I would be able to do them all before I really do kick the bucket.

  1. Get a PH. D.
  2. Marry 'my prince'
  3. Build a house
  4. Tour the world (or at least Italy, France, UK and Greece)
  5. Own a big library 
  6. SCUBA - Tambonan Beach, Tabina, ZDS last Feb. 25, 2012.  
  7.Sky dive
  8. Snorkeling - MOAP, June 2010

      9. Collect all the 'classic' books - (getting there!)
    10. Own a grand piano and learn to play it - (I can play the instrument but not really beautifully as I            had  never  had a formal training. It was just me, the piano, and that piece of paper as guide)
     11. Have original DVD copies of all Disney cartoon movies and soundtracks - (getting there also!)
     12. See a likeness of my 'perfect place
     13. Study abroad
     14. Work abroad - (I doubt I will do this. But who knows?)
     15. Work in an air-conditioned room - (Haha!)

16. Horseback riding
17. Visit Smithsonian and the Library of Congress
18. Become an author - (of a book I will dare say. Although I already consider myself an author through this blog)
19. Experience life in the wilds of Africa
20. Swim with whales - Oslob Cebu last Feb. 21, 2012

21. Swim with dolphins - MOAP June 2010. Listening to their song was the most memorable part for me

22. See a Cherry Blossom or an Apple Tree
23. Walk the hills of New Zealand
24. Climb a tree
25. Swim in a river (Potungan 17-14-2012)

25. Swim in a lake and waterfall.
26. Plant rice
27. See two or three rainbows at the same time - (saw them en route to Dumaguete)

28. Mountain Climbing
29. Explore a cave - Guipos Cave and Hinagdanan Cave @ Bohol.

30. Become lost in a fog - (while walking of course. Riding in a bus while the fog is very thick is no fun at all)
31. See a tree full of fireflies - (I had two experiences of these already; Pitogo and at Quipot's house at Lala. It wasn't just one tree, it was a number of trees)
32. Watch Broadway
33. Stay and meditate on a quiet chapel in the woods or near the sea for an hour by myself.
34. Become one of the actors on a stage play - (Once joined a play but I was the Director at that time)
35. Witness a Graduation of the PNP Scout

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