Level Up

Imagine how a simple word can suddenly alter the course of your lifeboat. 

It all started with that word, and now things are different. 

Early this month, he asked me if he could escort me "hangtod-hangtod" (forever and ever). I was taken aback and I honestly analyzed his statement. I told him innocently that "hangtod-hangtod" is too long that when I get married, I'm sure my husband will not agree to him escorting me and that automatically, he would become my escort then.

He laughed and told me that I finally got what he meant. I was taken aback again but this time, I laughed comprehensibly, gathered my wits about me and told him that "hangtod-hangtod" is way up there already and we're not even on the first level yet. He acknowledged that even one fourth of the stage isn't reached yet. So I asked him if he would like to upgrade our current level and he hurriedly replied with: "How do I level up?"

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