6am. The alarm rang. I opened my eyes and saw the shocked expression on May's face. A loud cry of "Daoy! Nasakpan nuon ko!". I laughed so hard. She grabbed the cake from the table, lit the candle and sang the Happy Birthday tune. I blew the candle and hugged her tight. She asked to me make a wish and I laughingly and loudly said: "Maka uyab!". She sat beside me on the bed laughing but grumbling at the same time. That darn clock was such a spoiler. Why did it turn on just when she was about to surprise me?

May then gave me my birthday present - a cellphone accessory with my name on it. Explained that there were no longer any letter E available so she replaced the E with a star. Used the present immediately. Further inquiry revealed that she had also bought similar trinkets for the rest of the barkada. 

Invited her for dinner but says she couldn't. She and her siblings are going to Putungan to deliver their surprise for their father - a TV set. Kuya Phillip will be driving the van, and they were to go home the following day. Really wanted to go but couldn't. It was just decided last night so she wasn't able to inform me ahead of time. Next time though.

Reported for work as usual (didn't file for a birthday leave because I was saving it for Cam. Sur.) in a happy disposition. At 10am, I was surprised with a delivery of a dozen balloons from Tita Avy and Jenna. Ordered one of their employees to give them to me apparently. Gave some of it to the children of one of the security guards.

Lunch at the office. All of them saying that I should get a boyfriend immediately. Assured them that I will. Soon as I make up my mind who though.

Heard mass at Cathedral at 5pm. Positioned myself on the choir area since we, the Praise Choir (members composed of the different choirs of the San Jose Parish)  was the assigned choir for that mass. Music and the blending of voices were heavenly.

Met Tita Yolly Soriano as I was about to go out. Asked me to help her carry the offertories to the convent and added that she will take me to the third floor for a front row view of the Sinulog Dance. Willingly obeyed. While the rest of the people were on the ground floor, sweating like mad and fighting their way to the front, I was there upstairs, watching the Sinulog  for the first time and enjoying the fresh air. And what a pleasure because it was the HCA students who were performing. My alma mater never fails to deliver excellent and tasteful presentations. I thanked Tita Yolly for the treat (she had no idea it was my day) and bid goodbye as soon as the dancing stopped.

Enjoyed a quiet but fun dinner with Mang, Noy, Dennis and Sandie. These two I consider as family already. My former team mates arrived a little later and they watched TV after dinner while I checked my FB. There was no honoring done because I personally doesn't want them to. Chatted with them and then at 11pm, it was time for them to go.

One guest remained though and we talked until 1am. 'The' subject wasn't really brought up. 'It' was talked about but not 'really' talked about. On either end, I don't know yet the outcome of that conversation.

Went to bed with a light heart. With so many things that I have been blessed with, there is no really no other words left but thank You.

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