Lost in Translation

Funny when you don't heed to directions and in the end, you end up lost instead. Tatay told me the exact address but didn't pay attention anymore when I heard that it was just along National High School. But which national high school? Sta. Maria or Sta. Lucia? He wasn't replying so I decided to go for Sta. Lucia. I'm confident it was there anyway. However, when I got there, the streets were  peaceful and It didn't look like someone's having a wake. Finally, I decided to ask a resident:

Lea: Maayong gabie. Nong, mangutana unta ko. Asa dapit ila Soriano?
Manong: Didto ra dapit sa Elementary. Ngano man diay unta day?
Lea: Aw...mag funeral service man gud unta mi.
Manong: (shocked) Ha? namatay si Soriano? Pila na ka adlaw?
Lea: Wla ra ba ko kabalo manong kay wala ko kaila ana niya...
Manong: Namatay na si Soriano? Kita pa man ko adto niya...kanus-a lang kaha siya namatay day?
Lea: (smile is fading and confidence is dwindling now) Wala ra ba jud ko kabalo nong...Pro didto ra man sa elementary dapit nu? sulay lang nko adto didto. Salamat kaayo...

Walked towards the indicated direction and when I arrived there, still nothing out of the ordinary was stirring. Finally sat on a chair outside a sari-sari store and contemplated my fate. (Did not dare ask though. Don't want to kill Soriano a second time). I was in this state when my phone rang:

Ate Gay: Asa na ka?
Lea: Nako diri Sta. Lucia Chapel...Asa diay dapit te? Im lost...
Ate Gay: Ha? Nganong naabot man ka dira? Diri ra man sa Sta. Maria.
Lea: Ha?!

If only it didn't look like I was crazy, I'd have laughed my heart out. But all the while during the tricycle ride, I was beaming. And when I finally joined them, I narrated my story to Tatay, Nanay and Tito Boy and we were all laughing with tears on our eyes and quite a stitch to the sides.

Next time, I'll definitely pay attention.

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