It is good to be idle once in a while because you learn to appreciate all the things you have done and will do.

I am actually savoring my vacation now. For the whole month of July, I have been very busy. There was not a weekend night that I spent at home. But those moments were really worth it.

One time, I spent it on a beach underneath the stars. Lightning was flashing on the horizon. The smell of the sea was intoxicating. The sound of the waves splashing on the shore was lulling. If you look long enough at that great big canopy, you can actually catch glimpses of falling stars. I did not dare wish upon them though. They were so fast, I could barely finish 2 words before they fade. Besides, I stopped wishing upon them a long time ago. I learned that it isn't the stars that grant my wishes, it's the One beyond them.

I stayed on that beach until I became very sleepy. As much as I wanted for that moment to last, I know I must go back to reality and face the music.

At another time, very early in the morning, I woke up laughing. I was by myself inside the tent (my tentmate had obviously gone to the pool already). A voice was slowly creeping into my consciousness and when I did fully understand what it was saying, I laughed. You can't help it anyway, it really was funny.

July. What a month that was. So much had happened in that span of 31 days: I grew up, I matured.

I learned to appreciate nature more.
I learned to embrace life more.
I learned to love more.

I am not the same person I was 31 days ago. I have changed. I said goodbye to a very dear friend, but at the same time, I also dared to open myself a little and become vulnerable for a short while.

I still have so many queries. Many things were revealed to me that lead to other questions. But I am sure that I will get my answers as I go along.

Life is a journey they say, and unless I travel it, I won't learn anything.

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