I Know Him by Heart

In my college years, I stayed with my aunt who had a son. Since we were of the same age, Ben and I always hang out together. He would strum his guitar (which he was very good at) and I would always be the singer. As all music lovers have, he has a collection of songbooks which I always use in our little gigs.

One day, I happened to come across this song. I was so struck with the title that when I read the lyrics, I instantly fell in love with it. Since no one knew it's melody and Youtube wasn't the fad then, it was only about a year ago that I finally learned how to sing it.

Well I must admit, I'm a hopeless romantic. They say that's what you get when you read too much books. Maybe there is a truth in that but I would like to justify: I came across the song at a stage when I was really idealistic. But to be fair to myself, I would say that it's still the cry of my heart. No im not "very" idealistic now. I don't have this notion of a knight in shining armor. Basta magka sinabot lang mi. And of course, he should be someone with principles that I'd be willing to respect and support and to whom I can share my brilliant or stupid ideas with without him goggling at me like I'm from a different planet. As my friend puts it, someone who can actually tame us.

I have yet to meet him. Or have I already? I don't know. I guess I will never know until I'm a hundred percent sure. For the mean time, I'll just enjoy this roller coaster ride.

There's a secret path I follow
To a place no one can find
Where I meet my perfect someone
I've kept hidden in my mind
Where my heart makes my decision
Til my dreams become a vision
And the love I feel
Makes him real someday

Cause I know he's out there somewhere
Just beyond my reach
Though I've never really touched him
Or ever heard him speak
Though we've never been together
We've never been apart
No we've never met
Haven't found him yet
But I know him by heart

Am I living an illusion
Wanting someone I cant see?
If I compromise I'd be living lies
Pretending he's not meant to be
Cause I know my heart's worth saving
And I know that he'll be waiting
So I'll hold on and I'll stay strong til then

(Watch the video and listen to the melody here)

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