This is the 14th poem I composed during the Silent Hour of the Crossroad Retreat held at Bundok Aninaw, Camanga Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur last October 29, 2010 .

Finally, after 4 years, I was able to write a poem again and mind, the words came out automatically and very few erasures only - a testament that when God indeed speaks, there is no stopping Him.

May you be blessed as I was.

In the road that you're traveling,
Do not be afraid
For My love is unending
My comfort will aid

Be it smooth or rocky,
hilly or plain,
Be it clear or murky
My love will remain

In the silence I am speaking
Listen to My voice
In the quiet I am working
Wait for My choice

I know that you're tired
I know that you're weary
I know that you're sad
And lonely and dreary

But My child trust Me
I know the way
My child obey Me,
I will lead you today

The darkness won't last
The morning is coming
My plans are the best
Just wait for My timing

You may think I'm far
But I am very near
Sitting and walking just beside you
Can't you notice dear?

I made the moon and the sun
The trees and the fields
I made the rivers and seas
And the green that yields

I made them all for you
Can't you not see?
So My child do not be blue
Just have faith in Me.

I know the littlest details
of your entire life
I know what your heart whispers
In the darkness of the night

I know your inmost thoughts
And the secret desires of your heart
I know all your needs
Things which you can't part

I know you from head to toe
I can predict your reactions
I know all your woes
And I know your satisfactions

My child, can't you not see?
That I know everything about you.
My child, just let Me be
My Word is faithful and true

I care for the birds
That fly in the air
I care for the trees
And the fruits they bear

Won't I not care for you more
In this road that you're traversing?
Won't I not guide you more
In this path that you're taking?

So my child trust Me
Come what may
My child just obey Me
I know the way

Just continue your walk
I care for you dearly
Just continue your work
I love you deeply...

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