Editorial Again!

Its actually been a while since I have written an editorial and mind, I'm not really into editorial writing because I am more of a feature writer. But an assignment for my Intro. to Public Administration subject stirred my somewhat sleepy brain and in the course of an hour I was able to make this article. 

Honest to goodness opinion, I'm not really pleased with it . Oh yeah, its good - but not that good. I know I could put in a lot more information but I choose not to. Anyway, I think I will be scribbling more of these in the near future. Enjoy!

 Is Aquino’s move to run after the corrupt officials encourage public administrators to not be corrupt?

When Benigno Simeon C. Aquino became the 15th president of the Republic of the Philippines, his first act was to release EO Number 1, creating a Truth Commission that will investigate reported cases of graft and corruption during the previous administration, namely, that of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. 

Pnoy’s intention became clear from the start that he wants to swipe clean the government. He doesn’t want anything to do with stealing and lying and using the government’s resources for selfish gain. 

The people applauded him but those with power and position became apprehensive and doubtful. A lot of protests were made that it was unconstitutional and below the belt as it was singling out the Arroyo administration and not any of the other past administrations.

But the investigating and the cleaning took place and a lot more EOs were issued to the surprise of many public servants. But did it minimize corruption or at least encourage those in the government to not be corrupt?

While it is hard to determine yet whether in general it did stop or at least minimize corruption, to some extent, it did awaken fear and caution to those in position. Cunning and slyness became the name of the game and if one is not careful with his extracurricular activities, he could easily be in for a lot of trouble; or he could just kill himself of course and have done with it.

With former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes and DBP lawyer Benjamin Pinpin as examples of those who chose to get out of the quagmire instead than face the consequences of their actions, it is not difficult to guess then that others are now already trying to swipe clean their slate so as not to be found out.  

Although there are really quite a number who are brave and daring and live by the motto hiding in plain sight, nevertheless, that number hopefully is diminishing and their hearts skipping beats once in a while.

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