When I was young, I always thought that I have no say in any matter because God had already mapped out my path. That all I have to do is to listen close to Him for He will tell me what to do, where to go, what to act, and what to say. I imagined that God is some unreachable Being that dictates people of the courses of their actions.

But I was awfully wrong. I forgot to remember that God loved us so much that He gave us free will and choices. God made the earth so rich and bountiful that we will have many options and not just be resigned to one category. He gave us the earth and all its contents (people including) for us to enjoy.

I forgot to remember that because God loves us so much, He wanted us to have the very best. But that very best is up to us to decide. He only ask that whenever we choose something, that choice should not get Him out of the picture.

Last Sunday while at church with my mother, my heart was in a turmoil. I was angry and upset at my escort for not texting and for not letting me know when he arrived from his outing with his friends. I begun to doubt whether we would survive for very long if he continues to behave this way. I was asking God's opinion and His will in the relationship.

But God answered me with a question. He asked me if I would like to keep the relationship or not, because whatever I decide, He will still bless me and guide me. He told me that it's my choice. Its up to me to decide. He will never stop from helping me and He will never leave me.

Tearfully, I told the Lord that I wanted to keep the relationship. I wanted it to work. I wanted it to last.

And God told me that since that was my decision, then that is His will for me. As long as my choice doesn't leave Him out of the picture and if it would make me happy, then He will be very glad to bless me and help me.

Now I know that my Abba Father really do loves me.

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