Oh! The Places You'll Go

I love to read. It opens up my imagination and makes me go to places where I haven't been before. With reading, anything and everything is possible. As Dr. Seuss puts it, reading lets you climb to the highest height imaginable - the only limit is your imagination. So soar high and enjoy the scenery. 

Everyone is just waiting
Everyone is just waiting
Waiting for a train to go
The phone to ring
The snow to snow
Waiting around for a yes or no
Or just waiting for their hair to grow

Everyone is just waiting
Everyone is just waiting
Waiting for the fish to bite
Or waiting around for a friday night
A string of pearls
A pair of pants
A wig with coils
Or another chance...
But that's not for you

Oh, the places you'll go
There is fun to be done
There are games to be won
I say oh!
The places you'll go

Oh! The places I'll go
I'll be seeing great sights
I'll soar to high heights
I say oh! oh! oh! oh! oh!
The places I'll go

I'm sorry to say
But sadly it's true
That bang-ups and hang-ups
Can happen to you
You'll come down from a lurch
With an unpleasant bump
And when chances are, then, 
You'll be in a slump

And when I'm in a slump
I'm not in for much fun
Unslumping myself is very difficult
We'll it's not easily done

But oh! the places you'll go
You'll be Mr. This
On top of the list
I say oh! oh! oh! oh!
Oh! the places you'll go

And will I suceed?
Yes, you will indeed!
Ninety- eight and three quarters percent guaranteed! 

You're off to great places
Today is your day
Your mountain is waiting
So get on your way
Oh! oh! oh! oh!
Oh! The places you'll go

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