My Knight

I always tease my escort and sometimes call him my knight in shining armor. He laughs whenever I do that and he in turn calls me "chinita". The joking is really fun and gets me in the mood throughout the day especially when he wakes me up very early in the morning with his message and initiates the teasing. Yes, it's pathetic, but fun anyway.

Now I haven't told my escort yet that I once made a poem entitled "My Knight" back when I was still in High School. I am currently on the process of getting to know him better and there are of course, still some things that I am holding back from him. I will not reveal everything yet. I will only do that when I am already married to him.

Here is now the poem written when I was a junior in High School.

You are my knight in shining armor
Saving me in all my sorrow
You're my hero in the battle
Even through life's care and struggle.

In an armor brightly shining
With his love radiantly burning
That when the day turns into night
He will guide me cause he's my knight.

Come my knight, come and rescue me
Come fill my heart that is empty
Let me always stay close to you
As we create a life anew.

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