I find it very amusing that you are the most makulit friend I have ever had (well, except sha2 of course, she has always been makulit and always will be I guess). But I salute you Nin for always trying my patience and for always quarreling with me. Only you can do that.

Ever since high school, we have always quarreled. Remember that very big argument we got ourselves into back in 4th year? You really made me cry. You did not say sorry and when I did asked for your apology, you turned away from me. You made me so furious that I did not talk to you for a week and acted like you did not exist even though your seat was just in front of me.

Looking back, I find it very funny because try hard as I might, I cannot recall what we fought about.
But Nin, if I cannot remember the reason why we fought, I certainly remember how we became friends again. It was our Religion Subject with Sir Cruz and he let us listen to a song by Dan Seals entitled "One Friend Left". I was really hoping that sir wont call me but he did and he asked my interpretation of the song. Told him that true friends are hard to find and when you do find one, you must treasure their friendship because you never know when it will end. Arguments and differences should be put aside.

I knew you were paying attention to what I said so I sat down very red in the face. Just before classes ended, when I was standing near the Narra Tree, you and May approached me. You said sorry, I said sorry, we shook hands, and agreed to forget about the whole thing.

We went back to being very good friends that by the next day, we resumed our backbiting. And boy oh boy, you, May and I did a lot of backbiting back then! Our favorite topic was of course si __ahem__! We had so much fun.

That was the last and greatest quarrel we got ourselves into. Now, when we do argue, it's more of a tease.

Another very memorable thing you did for me Nin was during my 16th Birthday. You knew that I was gaga for Backstreet Boys so you gave me a copy of their original album (It was still tape then). When you gave it to me, you said you have been saving for it. Then I remembered that a week before my birthday, I asked you why you aren't taking your recess. You casually said that you were saving your money for something. I have no idea what you were up to so I did no press the subject further. You surprised me and I thank you for that. (For your information, the tape is still alive and I still listen to it once in a while. But of course, the Backstreet Boys fever is gone and I am now totally and completely healed.)

Do you remember also one time Nin, very early in the morning, I called you up at your house? I was crying because I dreamt that you died in an accident. My dream was so vivid that it made me believe it was true. It was your youngest brother who answered the phone and he told me you were still sleeping. I told you and the group about it the following day and you all laughed at my silliness.

Oh how I cherish those days. Thank you for making high school so cool. And I thank the Lord for letting our paths cross because after high school, we took different roads. I went to Zamboanga along with May and Sha, and you went to CDO and eventually stayed there.

The years brought so many changes. We do not have the same liberty we had back then when we would stay late in the evening just talking about who knows what on the phone and my brother complaining that the handset is already burning.

No. We have matured because now, when we do have the chance to talk, our topic is about business and finances. I remember you once lectured me about distinguishing between my wants and needs when I told you that I want to buy a laptop. I am grateful that you can freely sermon me about this. Don't worry Nin, I am not over-indulging myself and haven't forgotten to save in the bank.

I don't know, but maybe because we have been friends for so long now that when I am with you or with anyone else in the group, I don't have to be strong. In fact, I am very silly, vulnerable and weak around you guys. If the world seems to crowd in on me already, and I need time and space to get away from it all for healing, you and the rest of the gang comes into my mind immediately. I know that you all don't need a lot of explanations because you understand.

So, with ten years of friendship and a bucketful of memories behind us, I am definitely excited for the next stage in our lives. And Nin, just between us two, excluding Sha and Steph, who do you think will get married first?

In my opinion, I really don't think it's you. Wanna bet? Haha!


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