God of this City

My tears fall every time I hear this song. Its like God is telling me that I will still do greater things for Him.

It was a week after ICON while I was encoding the LRs that I conceived the idea of having a mission CLP in the City Jail. Immediately after I called up and talked to the people concerned regarding that undertaking, this song just popped out of my head. And since I have this song saved in my cellphone, I played it over and over again. I had goose bumps and if I weren't in the office then, I'd have cried a bucketful of tears.

God is telling me through this song His mission for me. I am scared. The responsibility is overwhelming. If I become a full time missionary, imagine all the things I will leave behind! Letting go of comfort and embracing hardships! Imagine leaving a prestigious job and earning only just enough.

This weekend, we just had our Discovery Retreat. It was very successful. I learned to not fret about the details and focus on what is important instead - the spiritual aspect of the event. God also impressed on me the importance of prayer, letting go, and letting God take over.

But Lord... I am so confused. Will I not be able to serve you here? Will I be of much better use somewhere? How about the work that I am doing now, is this not enough? Lord, I need to know...


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