Still Thoughts

                                                         October 16, 2005

To Lea,
       For meditation... and for guidance toward a more beautiful and fulfilling life.

                                                         Linda Cababa- Espinosa

Still Thoughts by Master Shih Cheng-Yen
        .....moments of meditation and inspiration. A positive guide for loving and appreciating our lives.

  1. The sunlight is bright; our parents' love is great, a gentleman's forbearance is strong, a person who lacks moral cultivation is arrogant.
  2. Say good words, have good thoughts, and do good deeds.
  3. To forgive others is to be good to oneself.
  4. Success is bringing into full play one's good points; failure is the accumulation of one's weak points.
  5. Do not underestimate yourself, because everyone has boundless potential.
  6. Palm facing down is to help people, palm facing up is to ask for help; helping brings happiness while begging brings pain.
  7. The more you do, the more you gain; the less you do, the more you lose.
  8. Be willing to do, be happy to bear.
  9. Always bear in mind the following virtues: understanding, forgiving, gratitude, contentment, and treasuring one's blessings.
  10. To do whatever should be done is wisdom; to do whatever should not be done is ignorance.
  11. If one has a bad temper and a foul mouth, then no matter how good one's heart is, one is still not considered a good person.
  12. Only when knowledge is truly contemplated and reflected upon can it become your true wisdom.
  13. Love is not asking from others, but is giving of oneself.
  14. Our greatest enemy is not others but more likely ourselves.
  15. Let us compete on who is more likely ourselves.
  16. Loitering away each day turns us into consumers of life. Only by working enthusiastically can we become creators of life.
  17. Be mindful, don't worry or fret.
  18. A person who always makes excuses for himself can never improve.
  19. One who constantly looks down on others reveals his lack of moral cultivation.
  20. Weeds do not easily grow on a field planted with vegetables. Evil does not easily harbor in a heart filled with goodness.
  21. The greater the effort you put into your work, the more capabilities you gain.
  22. It is better to have a generous heart than a spacious dwelling.
  23. Getting angry is actually punishing yourself with the mistakes of others.
  24. A person's happiness stems not from how much he owns but from how little he complains.
  25. When one has weathered through all the sufferings, fortune may ensue; when one has enjoyed all the blessings, misfortune may turn up.
  26. When sitting quietly, reflect upon one's mistakes;  when chatting, do not criticize others.
  27. It is not money that bring happiness. A person with a clean conscience is most at peace.
  28. Before criticizing others, think first whether one is perfect and fautless.
  29. If you do not do little chores, it will be difficult for you to accomplish great things.
  30. The greatest success in life is to stand up from failure.

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