The Flight

Wisdom from the birds. 

Just this afternoon while at Tabuan, Tukuran for the Mission CLP that the team was handling, I joined the Prayer Warriors. Since I wasn't leading them and couldn't help but appreciate the very nice view and cool breeze, I allowed my mind to wander and observe nature around me especially the birds that were so graceful in their flights. Seized with a desire to write I immediately borrowed a pen and paper. And so while they were occupied with praying, I was busy scribbling this:

The weather is just right - not very cloudy nor too sunny. The breeze was cool and the only sounds to be heard in the background were the whispers of the wind passing through your ears as it also gently blows your hair, the rustling of the leaves on the trees and the occasional moo of a cow or the clucking of the chickens as they trudge their way towards the field. The aroma of the new mown hay which the farmers piled up along the road was enough to revive the senses of a worn out vagabond.

On the horizon, a flock of birds was gliding in the air in that formation which unlocked the mysteries of flight. But a little way behind was a fellow (a neophyte perhaps), awkwardly beating it's wings with all it's might and giving and trying all his best in order to catch up. The others don't seem to mind him for they, as one, resolutely continue toward that unspoken course. But surprisingly, one of the birds broke away from the formation and slowed down so that the neophyte was able to catch up to it. They, for a while, flew side by side until the other slowly recovered from his awkwardness and together as well, they flew fast and joined the flock. 

From a Bahay Kubo across the vast rice field, the resounding echo of a bark of a dog could be heard long after it was finished. The brown canine run towards a big white bird hiding itself in a bush. Upon the awareness of an immediate peril, the fowl hastily flew. It beats its wings only a couple of times and then nimbly glided through the air like a ballerina dancing on tiptoes. With what seem like a no sweat feat, the bird elegantly did some maneuvers - turns to the right, and a little to the left, until it finally gracefully alighted (to the dismay of the dog) at the tallest branch of the tallest tree wearing a proud expression on it's face.

And my heart went out to the bird. How I wish I could also master the winds.

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